Using MikvahMinder

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Keeping the Mitzvah of Taharat HaMishpacha has never been easier with  This brief tutorial will show you in a few easy steps exactly how to use

Before you Begin

Before you are able to use the MikvahMinder calendar, you'll have to set your preferences so that MikvahMinder will know where you are located in order to calculate sunrise, sunset and candlelighting times.  MikvahMinder also needs to know where to send your reminders.  

Step One:  Record a Period

Record Date FormThe first step in using MikvahMinder is to record a period.  Once you've logged in and are on the calendar page, you'll see a form on the left of the calendar.  When you click on the calendar icon a popup calendar will appear.   Click on the date your period began.  Once you've done that check the box to indicate whether your period began after sunset.

Remember that in the Jewish Calendar, a new day begins at sunset.

Once you've done that, click on the record date button and your MikvahMinder calendar will be instantly updated with your new records. 


Viewing Your Records

Period Table

You may view your records in the tables underneath your MikvahMinder Calendar.   The sun or the moon icon indicate whether your period began before or after sunset.  If you wish to delete a period, simply click on the trash can icon.

If you realized that you made a mistake entering a date, simply delete the date and enter the correct date.


Step Two:  Record a Hefsek Taharah

Record Hefsek Form

After you have successfully completed a clean Hefsek Taharah, you'll need to log in to MikvahMinder and record the date of the clean hefsek, using the same form as when you entered your period.  The form will switch automatically to record a hefsek taharah.  

If you realized you made a mistake entering a hefsek date, simply delete the date and reenter the correct date.

Hefskei Taharah are always performed as close to sunset as possible, but not after.  The 'after sunset' box therefore disappears when you are recording your hefsek.

That's It!

As you can see, your MikvahMinder Online Taharas HaMishpacha Calendar can do all the work for you.  MikvahMinder will send you reminders on:

  • the first day you should do a Hefsek Taharah
  • the day you should go to the Mikvah
  • your separation days (Onah Benonis, Yom HaChodesh, Veset HaFlagah)

If you have any technical questions, please contact the webmaster.  Through the greater fulfillment of this Mitzvah, we should all hope to merit the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days!