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Lehigh Valley Mikvah

View Map 2715 Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104
United States
Contact Person: Caren Torczyner
Phone: 610-776-7948

The Allentown Mikvah is staffed and maintained by a group of volunteers, who also serve weekly shifts as the MLOC, "mikvah lady on call." Appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Mikvah immersion is open to any Jew, whether for niddah use, conversion or any other purpose.
Our Mikvah, dedicated in September 2006 and now in use, is equipped with both bor al gabei bor and bor min hatzad, and was designed under the aegis of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, through consultant Ephraim Geretz. On-going supervision is under R' Mordechai Torczyner.



Mikvah Board chair: Caren Torczyner
Contact phone: 610-433-0437
Contact for Mikvah appointments: 610-776-7948 (voicemail)
Telephone at Mikvah building: 610-776-6607


Appointment Required: Yes