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Ancient Mikvah Found in Kostrama

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Mikvah Blog
Monday, 18 January 2010 15:32
RUSSIA [FJC] — During some minor reconstruction work in the Kostrama synagogue, Chief Rabbi of Kostroma Nison Ruppo found a deep hole in the synagogue’s kitchen. After examining the pit, which had been filled in with concrete and covered over, it became apparent that the hole had served as the mikvah for the Kostoma community in the years predating the October Revolution. Later on, during the Soviet regime, this mikvah had been filled and then sealed off.

It is worth noting that, during his exile to Kostroma in 1927, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, immersed in this mikvah. Learning this information made the find even more significant for the Kostrama Jewish community and more determined to “re-open” the mikvah.

Rabbi Ruppo, who is also a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary serving in the region, has begun to raise the necessary funds to build the new mikvah. The mikvah will be beautiful and modern, and will meet the strictest requirements of Jewish law. The synagogue’s kitchen will be relocated to a different area of the building in order to enable the mikvah to be built in it’s original location.

The Jewish community of Kostroma is a member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.

MikvahMinder receives Haskama from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

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Mikvah Blog
Monday, 19 October 2009 20:28

MikvahMinder is proud to announce that we have received an endorsement from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Kfar Chabad.  (Click here to view the endorsement from Rabbi Jacobs.)

Rabbi Jacobs is the author of seven non-fiction books, including acclaimed works on difficult areas of practical Talmudic law, in use worldwide. For over a decade, he acted as the Tel Aviv University campus chaplain (Chabad).


Jacobs was perhaps the first American ordained by the head rabbis of Israel. He holds a PhD (equivalency) from the Israel Dept. of Religion, and completed training as a Rabbinic attorney.


He served as a lieutenant in an Israel army combat engineering unit, on active duty during the entire Gulf War.


Rabbi Jacobs retired from the Israel Prison Service in 2005, where he was the only American staff officer, a Major, serving as a prison chaplain and hand-to-hand combat instructor.

He is the author of many books dealing with the subject of family purity (Taharas HaMishpacha) including Family Purity : A Guide to Marital Fulfillment, and Z'manim.


Ancient Mikvah Found in Jerusalem

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Mikvah Blog
Written by Hillel Fendel, IsraelNN.com   
Thursday, 24 September 2009 07:02

A 2,000-year-old mikveh (ritual bath) has been uncovered just 20 meters from the Western Wall.

Given its location just outside the Holy Temple - where untold numbers of Jews regularly immersed before entering - the newly-revealed pool is among the largest ever discovered in Jerusalem.

The mikveh was found at the site known as the Western Wall Tunnels, which has long been under excavation and study by the Israel Antiquities Authority, with the support of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.


Booklet Zmanim Makes History

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Mikvah Blog
Thursday, 10 September 2009 20:55

הרב ג'יקובס עם החוברת
“לפני עשרים שנה,“ אומר הרב פישל ג’ייקובס מכפר חב“ד, “לא חלמנו ש“חוברת זמנים’ תעשה כזו מהפכה בעולם ההלכתי!“. רוב אנ“ש והמקורבים, שהתחתנו בשני העשורים האחרונים, מכירים אותה מבחוץ: גודלה כדף כתיבה, צבעונית, כרוכה עם ספירלה שחורה. תוכנה: תמצית של הלכות די מורכבות המוגשות בצורה קלה להבנה בעברית פשוטה, ולוח מעוצב בצורה גרפית פרוש על עשר שנים. כיום, המצב השתנתה מין הקצה אל הקצה. עד כדי כך, שהשנה יצאו מספר אתרים באותו נושא הלכתי. אתרים אלו עולים כסף רב לפיתוח, ודורשים רמת טכנלוגיה גבוהה במיוחד.


כמו הרבה דברים פשוטים, גם “חוברת זמנים“ יופיה והצלחתה נבע מפשיטותה.

“אני זוכר,“ אומר הרב ג’ייקובס, “בשנות ההכנה של “חוברת זמנים“ לדפוס, הלכות אלו היו, לצערינו, כמעט לא ידועות. מיד לאחר שהתחלנו להפיצה, החלו האירגונים העוסקים בנושאים אלו להגיש אותה בכינוסים ארציים. מיד היא קיבלה דחיפה חזקה, שבמשך כל השנים רק התחזקה יותר ויותר, ב“ה.“
אתר הראשון, XXX , יצא בהדרכתו הצמודה של הרב ג’ייקובס, והוא גם עונה על כל השאלות ההלכתיות המגיעות אליו. אתר השני, XXX , גם עבר בדיקתו ונושא הסכמת הרב. (אתר השלישי: www.mikvahminder.com, כעת בבדיקה לקראת אישורו.)

בימים אלו, עד לראש השנה, אנו פותחים במבצע מיוחד. וזאת לאור בקשות חוזרות ונשנות הציבור.

אנא, כל מדריך חתנים/כלות, רבנים, מנהלי בתי חב“ד המעונין בכמות חוברת “זמנים“ נא להתקשר אלינו ונשלח אליכם מיד במבצע מסובסד: 9600139 03, או This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (עד סוף מלאי הדפסה אחרונה.)

In English (Thank you Google Translate)

"Twenty years ago," says Rabbi Fishel Jacobs from Kfar Chabad, "We never dreamed NIS Berthe times, such a revolution in the world do halakhic!". Most An"s closest, who married the last two decades, know it from the outside: Writing as size, color, wrapped with a black spiral. Software: a summary of laws rather complex served in easy to understand simple Hebrew, and board layout graphically spread out on ten years. Today, the situation changed radically sex. So this year were a number of sites on the same topic, I went. These sites cost so much to develop and require a very high level Tcnlogy.

Like many simple things, even "booklet times" beauty and its success was due Mfshitoth.

"I remember," said Rabbi Jacobs, "In preparation of the schedule booklet" pattern, these laws were, Unfortunately, almost unknown. Immediately after we started to distribute it, began to organizations dealing with these issues to submit it to national conferences. Immediately she received a strong boost, which for years only strengthened more and more, U.S.. "
The first site, Www.XXXX.com, went under the close supervision of Rabbi Jacobs, he also meets all halakhic questions that come to him. The second site, Www.XXXX.com also been testing the file carrying the consent of the rabbi. (Site III: Www.mikvahminder.com, currently under review for approval.)

These days until Rosh Hashana, we open a special operation. In light of repeated requests to the public.

Please, any guide grooms / brides, rabbis, Chabad Houses managers interested in quantity booklet "times" please call us immediately and send you a subsidized operation: 9,600,139 03, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (Until the end of last printing stock.)




Baltimore Mikvah Rennovated

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Mikvah Blog
Written by Baltimore Jewish Examiner   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 11:26

Mikvah Mei Menachem on Old Pimlico in Baltimore underwent a beautification in honor of Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg. "Women are empowered through the mikvah," says Rochel Kaplan.

"May their merit be a blessing for all those who immerse in these waters," will be the message adorning the renovated Mikvah Mei Menachem on Old Pimlico.

The ritual bath just underwent a beautification in honor of Rabbi Gavi and Rivky Holtzberg who was killed in the Mumbai terror attack of 2008. Mrs. Holtzberg and her husband ran Nariman House, the Jewish outreach center in India.

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