March 5th Newsletter

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Mikvah Blog
Friday, 06 March 2009 11:46

We are pleased to welcome new subscribers who have registered from Israel, UK and across the US.  For our international subscribers, we are working on launching in several languages in the near future.  

If you’re in US don’t forget to set your clocks forward this Sunday!

New Features:

-- Ovulation Predictor:  MikvahMinder’s ovulation predictor is a natural companion to the MikvahMinder Online Taharas HaMishpacha calendar.  The Ovulation Predictor can help predict your cycles and the optimum time for conception.  Check it out!

-- Enhanced Emails:  MikvahMinder now sends you short, crisp but helpful emails confirming data that you’ve just entered, and giving you useful next steps.    

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As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for new features you’d like to see at  Please email us directly at


-- Bedikah Cloths Now In Stock!  MikvahMinder now in stock Badei Shoshana Bedikah cloths (checking cloths) in two sizes—medium and large—ready to ship to anywhere in the world.

-- Gift Cards Coming Soon!   One, two or three year subscription gift cards in a presentation envelope will be available from the store shortly.  It’s the perfect gift for a new kallah, a daughter, or close friend.  Contact us for more details at

Mikvah News

-- Mikvah Mei Menachem (Colorado Springs) is holding its grand opening on May 3rd, 2009 IY’’H.  Stay tuned!

-- The new Sacramento Mikvah needs to raise $50,000 to complete construction of a beautiful new mikvah.  Go to to make a donation.

Timely Tips

In order to receive accurate candle lighting times, make sure your time zone is set in the MikvahMinder Preferences.