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New Products and Special Discounts

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Mikvah Blog
Thursday, 11 June 2009 21:04 announces a new product in its range of useful Taharas Hamishpacha items.

1.  Berry's StayClean Black Feminine Liners may be just the thing you are looking for to help you avoid problems with stains (ketamim) or hold off the onset of niddah. Be sure to check with your rabbi.

StayClean Feminine Liners come in black and are highly absorbent. Box of 32 minipads [$6.25 on Amazon] but yours now for $4.75 plus shipping and handling.

Click here to order Berry's StayClean Black Feminine Liners 

2. Special Discount for MikvahMinder Paid Subscribers: MikvahMinder is now offering a bonus 10% discount on all items in our store for our paid subscribers only.

3. Special Pricing: Large and medium sized Bedikah cloths are now $2.50 per packet of 36. 

Click here to order