About Onah Benonis

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The Onah Benonis is one of the three types of separation days in anticipation of menstruation. Benonis means "average" in Hebrew, and this separation day is the for the "average" cycle which our sages calculated to be 30 days.

The Onah Benonis is a full day (ie 24 Hours) separation day, beginning at Shkiah (sunset) and ending at sunset the following day.  It is calculated by counting 30 days after your period began.  So if your period began on the 5th of the month, you would count 30 days beginning on the sixth.

One easy way to count the Onah Benonis is to mark the day your period began, count four weeks and then move over one day.

There is some debate amongst Rabbinical authorities about whether or not women should also separate on the 31st day of the cycle. Some have accepted the additional stringency to do so, however it is standard practice not to. Please consult with your Rabbi who will guide you on this issue.