About Veset HaChodesh

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Written by Tuvia   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 22:14

The Veset HaChodesh, or Yom HaChodesh (Day of the Month) is one of the three days of anticipated menstruation during which time marital relations are prohibited. 

When is the Veset HaChodesh?

The Veset HaChodesh occurs on the same Hebrew day as when your period began, but in the following Hebrew month.   For example if your period began on the 5th of the Hebrew month of Tevet, your Veset HaChodesh would be on the 5th day of the next month, Shevat.  

How long do we separate?

The Veset HaChodesh lasts for 1 onah or 1/2 a day.  If your period began during the daytime, you would separate during the daytime of your Veset HaChodesh, and vice versa for the evening.

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